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StocExpo announces Forty Under 40

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The Forty Under 40 campaign showcases the rising stars of the tank terminal industry. As the industry embraces digitalisation and new ways of working, there’s also an understanding that our workforce has changed immensely over the last few years.

With many senior members of staff retiring or leaving the industry altogether, it’s imperative that we find new talent to carry on the legacy of our industry, and crave out new paths as we move towards a more sustainable future. The energy transition waits for no one, and it’s crucial that we involve those younger generations who will be more affected by the impact of climate change to lead the industry towards greener ways of working.

The StocExpo 2023 Forty Under 40 recognises both those with the greatest potential to become industry leaders in the future and those who have achieved greatness already in the tank storage and future fuels industry.

The winners will be celebrated during the networking drinks at StocExpo in Rotterdam on the evening of 14 March.

Here’s the full list:

  • Aiden Farhangi, Director, Protech
  • Amy McKeown, Business Development Manager, Re-Gen Robotics
  • Arunan Sriskanda, Managing Director, Oikos Terminals
  • Ashwini Tiwari, Level Product Manager of Asia Pacific, Emerson
  • Charles O’Connell, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Square Robot
  • Christian Swenson, Technical Specialist, Emerson
  • Christoffer Hoffmann, Business Development Manager, Emerson
  • Christoffer Stroemberg, Project Engineer, Previously at St1
  • Dale Matthews, Director, Rig-Tech Solutions SL
  • David Atroche, CEO, Woodfield Systems Europe
  • Dieumerci Mandar, CEO, OGEFREM
  • Erik Vautrin, Terminal Manager, Alkion Terminals
  • Esra Secme, Sales Coordinator, Aager
  • Gordon Nelson, Lead Engineer Associate, IKM Consulting
  • Guy Curtis, General Manager, EW Fuel Management Ltd
  • Hidde van der Wal, Account Manager, Kenbri Firefighting
  • Iain Mitchison, Business Development Manager, Techflow Marine
  • Irina Patrahau, Strategic Analyst, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Javier Blanco, COO, Mecanicas Bolea
  • Jeffery van Veen, Product Manager, KOKS Robotics Group
  • Jelle Swanenberg, COO, Smartflow
  • Jimmy Lindgren, Partner, Alfa Oil Oy
  • Jonathan Burns, Managing Director, MISTRAS Group Limited
  • Jonathan Parker, Business Development Manager, Fort Vale Engineering Ltd
  • Joseph Aboraah, Area Manager, Desert Oil Ghana Limited
  • Karteek Rao, Commercial Manager, Advario – Star Energy
  • Logesuwaran Rammundo, Maintenance Engineer, VTTI – ATT Tanjung Bin Terminal
  • Martyn Bazen, North West Europe Technology Lead, Exolum
  • Marvin Lehel, Sales Consultant, Siemens
  • Matt Wilson, Head of New Energy Markets, Navigator Terminals
  • Mehmet Tuna, Intergrity & Reliability Manager, Socar
  • Nicholas Gohl, CFO, HG Storage International
  • Nunzia Florio, Communication Specialist, TSA
  • Paul Dryden, Key Account Manager, Viega UK
  • Rafael Schmidt, Head of Business Development, Hydrogenious
  • Riza Altunergil, Owner, Aager Gmbh
  • Stefana Sopco, Head of Content Marketing, Smartflow
  • Toba Oyewole, CEO, Denval International UG
  • Tobias Piwek, Communications Manager, Implico Group
  • Yunus Gumus, Mechanical Engineer, Aager GmbH
  • Victoria Oppenheim, Head of Business Development, Argent Energy
  • Vivekanandan Arumugam, Level Application Engineer AP, Emerson Process Management

Check StocExpo’s website for each candidate’s profile: Forty Under 40 profiles | StocExpo

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