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The Baltic Pipe passes key milestone

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The Baltic Pipe project has passed an important milestone as receiving terminal Nybro near Varde, Denmark, went into operation. It is currently operating with only half the total capacity, at 6,700 MWh/h. Norwegian gas will now enter the new Baltic Pipe and can be sent on to Poland via the Danish gas system.

The Nybro part of the Baltic Pipe was supposed to go into operation on 1 October 2022, but  Energienet informed the market that commissioning was postponed three times.

Torben Brabo, director of international relations at Energinet says: ‘It is a huge relief for us that we have now succeeded in getting the plant in Nybro up and running. Many colleagues inside and outside Energinet have fought a hard battle to make it happen, and we have been very annoyed that we had to admit several times that we could not make it by the announced dates.’

Full commissioning of the Nybro terminal will take place later in 2022.

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