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The Port of Tarragona expands the berth for auxiliary vessels

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The Port of Tarragona has increased the berthing line with the incorporation of 62 linear meters into the auxiliary dock of the Cantabria wharf, to facilitate auxiliary service (practice service, mooring, etc.) for ships docking at port facilities.

The investment cost €346,446 and has led the dock to have a total of 196 linear meters.

The Tarragona Port Authority has an inland dock at the southern end of the Cantabria wharf, which was not used by any regular vessel because it did not have enough capacity for boats. And in order to provide a better service to the ships that dock in the Port of Tarragona, a new space has been set up to concentrate the mooring of auxiliary vessels (mooring service, practice service, Maritime Rescue, Civil Guard, etc.) in the same area, a sheltered space at the southern end of the Cantabria wharf.

Construction included the building of four berthing and mooring platforms joined together to form a continuous berthing line of forty-five linear meters intended for speedboats and other small boats. The platform has been reinforced with beams to allow larger ships to dock and resist the onslaught of berthing and mooring.

With this extension, vessels of the auxiliary services such as the practice boat, mooring or the Maritime Safety and Rescue Service will have a sheltered area close to the port entrance. Thus, the auxiliary dock of the Cantabria wharf will have a total of 196 meters, which is sufficient capacity for auxiliary ships.

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