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TotalEnergies Marine Fuels completes biofuel operation

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A COSCO Shipping Lines containership

A COSCO Shipping Lines containership has been successfully filled with marine biofuel in TotalEnergies’ first such bunkering operation in Singapore. The containership was bunkered with biofuel from TotalEnergies comprising VLSFO (very ow sulphur fuel oil) blended with 20% second-generation, waste-based and ISCC-certified UCOME (used cooking oil methyl ester).

Support from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MA) and local partners such as Vopak Terminals Singapore made the ship-to-ship transfer operation possible.

‘This successful collaboration lays a foundation for both companies to explore new joint initiatives that promote the introduction of clean, low-carbon alternative fuels,’ says Laura Ong, General Manager of Trading and Operations for Asia Pacific, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, based in Singapore.

From a well-to-wake assessment, the biofuel will reduce approximately 17% of greenhouse gas emissions compared with conventional fuel oil. The biofuel has been consumed during the container vessel’s voyage to Jakarta, Indonesia.

‘This milestone bio-bunkering operation also further validates the important role of biofuels in decarbonising conventional marine fuels, and the potential greenhouse gas reduction gains it can bring to existing vessels,’ says Ong. ‘In line with TotalEnergies’ climate ambition to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 together with society, we will continue to scale up our biofuel capabilities and to support the growing interest for sustainable marine biofuels in this region.’

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