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Vitol and LBC join for pyrolysis oil

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Vitol and LBC Tank Terminals have announced a partnership to establish a logistical supply chain for pyrolysis oil in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The collaboration strengthens the ambitions of both companies to be an integral part of Europe’s circular economy for years to come.

The transformation from waste to sustainable energy is based on a technology called pyrolysis that processes the plastic at high temperatures. The pyrolysis oil can be used in the production of new plastic products or as recycled carbon fuels.

LBC’s ISCC-certified terminal is based in Rotterdam, a key logistical hub in Europe. The availability of pyrolysis oil in Rotterdam is essential for the future plans of the surrounding petrochemical industry. The first deliveries are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Tom Baker, Global Head of Naphtha trading at Vitol, comments: ‘As the petrochemical industry pursues more sustainable solutions, we are pleased to work together with LBC to generate a more integrated pyrolysis supply chain, and provide circular feedstocks to our petrochemical customers.’

‘As connected partner and integral part of Vitol’s supply chain, we are proud to leverage our expertise in efficient and responsible storage and handling for products that are shaping a more sustainable and circular economy. Together, we will continue to make significant progress in further driving the energy transition, and this partnership exemplifies our ambitions and shared commitment to a carbon-neutral future,’ says LBC Tank Terminals’ CEO, Frank Erkelens.

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