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Walter Tosto talks hydrogen storage at StocExpo 2023

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Headquartered in Italy, Walter Tosto is part of the Tosto Group and internationally recognised as a top quality worldwide supplier of storage solutions, critical process equipment for oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Through its business unit Maraldi, Walter Tosto delivers pressure spheres, low-temperature and cryogenic storage tanks. Bora Aydin, business development manager at Walter Tosto will be speaking at this year’s StocExpo in Rotterdam on 14-16 March. The talk will look at innovative solutions for high pressure, long-term and high-capacity hydrogen gas storage.

While hydrogen is gaining rapidly in popularity as an energy carrier and as one of the solutions for the decarbonisation, it requires attention for some concerns too. One of the biggest problems which may cause equipment failure is hydrogen embrittlement that may cause its diffusion in the metals such as compressed hydrogen gas storage tanks fabricated in carbon steel. The equipment made with these materials are operated with multiple pressure cycles and they are subject to failures due to hydrogen embrittlement even at ambient operating temperature.

Thanks to its consolidated know-how, extensive track record, unique equipment and strategic water-front manufacturing locations, Walter Tosto offers limitless capabilities in terms of weight and materials of fabrication. There are industrial applications where high-pressure, long-term and high-capacity storage tanks are required for continuous availability. An innovative approach will be presented for the multi-layer internal coating of these tanks which includes rapid detection of leaks and a possible accumulation of the leaking gas.

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