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Gasgrid Finland announces floating LNG terminal is ready for deliveries

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Finnish state-owned natural gas transmission system operator, Gasgrid has announced that the LNG floating terminal in Inkoo, Finland is now ready for gas deliveries. The floating terminal project successfully implemented by Gasgrid Finland will secure the supply of gas to industry, energy production and households as well as safeguard Finland’s security of supply and the continuation of gas supplies far into the future. The LNG floating terminal vessel Exemplar reached Inkoo on 28 December last year and has now been successfully integrated into Gasgrid Finland’s gas transmission network.

Esa Hallivuori, senior vice president, transmission business at Gasgrid Finland says: ‘We have now got our LNG floating terminal fully up and running and all the required official permits to start commercial operations are in place. Everything has now been finalised and tested. This means that the customers of our terminal can begin to distribute gas to meet the needs of industry, energy production and households not just in Finland but also in the Baltic states. Our LNG floating terminal has already generated plenty of interest and enquiries from various parties. We believe that there is a real need for the energy provided by our terminal both now and going forward. The LNG floating terminal can provide a huge amount of energy also for heat and power production when needed.’

The liquefied natural gas will be supplied to the LNG terminal from the international market. No Russian gas is used at the terminal and the LNG terminal will help Finland to permanently phase out its dependency on Russian gas.

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