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Wilhelmsen acquires Vopak Agencies 

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Wilhelmsen Port Services has entered into an agreement with Vopak to acquire 100% of Vopak Agencies and 50% of Diize.  

The transaction is expected to complete later this year, subject to predetermined conditions and works council advice. Vopak Agencies will transfer to Wilhelmsen Port Services once the deal is completed. Diize will continue as a joint venture between Wilhelmsen and Vopak Agencies.  

Wilhelmsen Port Services has recently launched a strategy to be a leading local port partner in the markets it serves. As a result of the acquisition of Vopak Agencies and its position as a tanker specialist in northwest Europe, Wilhelmsen Port Services will gain access to unrivaled local knowledge.  

Patrick van der Voort, Division President for Vopak Europe and Africa, says: ‘We are convinced that the agency customers and colleagues will benefit from becoming part of the Wilhelmsen network, with agency business as their core activity.’ 

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