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Dantec: The Age Of PTFE-Coated Hose Fittings

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In the dynamic and challenging landscape of the petrochemical industry, the quest for innovative solutions to enhance safety, durability, and efficiency has never been more critical. Dantec has now made advancements in PTFE-coated hose fittings, reshaping the way industries address challenges in applications where traditional metal fittings are not suitable. Dantec composite hoses have earned a distinguished reputation for being a reliable and robust solution in the petrochemical industry. The unique construction of these hoses involves layers of diverse materials strategically combined to create a resilient and versatile product.

Dantec’s PTFE-coated hose fittings

Chemical resistance & corrosion protection: One of the standout features of a Dantec composite hose. The multi- layered composition ensures longevity and protects against corrosion. In petrochemical processes where a myriad of corrosive substances is encountered, these hoses act as a formidable barrier.

Flexibility: Dantec composite hoses are engineered to be highly flexible, facilitating easy installation even in complex layouts. This flexibility, coupled with their versatility, allows these hoses to be deployed across a spectrum of applications, from bulk transfer operations to vapour recovery.

Safety assurance: Safety is paramount in the petrochemical industry, and Dantec composite hoses are manufactured to EN13765:2018 and are designed with an unwavering commitment to this principle. The multi-layered construction minimises the risk of leaks, spills, and accidents, contributing to a safer working environment for personnel and assets.


The Evolution of PTFE-Coated Hose Fittings

Building upon this robust foundation, the petrochemical industry has witnessed a breakthrough with the development of PTFE-coated hose fittings. These fittings, when integrated with composite hoses, offer a synergy of advantages that address challenges in applications where traditional metal fittings may not be the optimal choice.

Enhanced chemical compatibility: PTFE-coated hose fittings introduce an elevated level of chemical compatibility to hose assembly. Petrochemical operations often involve the transfer of various corrosive substances, and the superior chemical resistance of PTFE ensures the longevity and reliability of the entire assembly. This advancement extends the range of chemicals that can be safely conveyed, providing a versatile solution to meet diverse industry needs.

Temperature stability: PTFE’s remarkable temperature stability aligns seamlessly with the demands of the petrochemical industry, where elevated temperatures are commonplace. When used as a coating for hose fittings, PTFE ensures the assembly’s durability and functionality under harsh conditions.

Non-stick & easy maintenance: The non-stick nature of PTFE is a game- changer in applications where product purity is paramount. The coating on hose fittings prevents the adherence of substances, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring product integrity. It also facilitates easier maintenance and cleaning, contributing to the overall efficiency of operations.

Dantec composite hoses, combined with the recent advancements in PTFE-coated hose fittings, represent a formidable leap forward in enhancing safety, reliability, and efficiency in the
petrochemical industry. The integration of these technologies addresses the unique challenges posed by corrosive substances, elevated temperatures, and the need for product purity.

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