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Exolum shares outlook on EU hydrogen targets

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Picture of Molly Cooper

Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Following on from the recent news of the EU’s 27 member states officially adopting the Renewable Energy Directive, Tank Storage Magazine spoke to Exolum on its thoughts on the target.

Read the original story here: EU nations approve mandatory hydrogen usage targets

Exolum says: ‘The new Renewable Energy Directive sets Member States a binding target for renewable generation of 42.5%, up from 32% previously. This target is in line with Europe’s ambition to achieve a complete energy transition by 2050.

a model of a moleculeAt Exolum we are already collaborating to achieve such target by implementing various photovoltaic self-generation projects at our storage terminals and pipeline pumping stations. Exolum welcomes a gradual and fair energy transition that does not leave anyone behind, as all companies in the energy sector are an essential part of the solution.

To this end, major European institutions should seek a technological neutrality that promotes the development of any technology which helps to achieve decarbonisation. Therefore, restrictive regulations and/or those with short time frames that hinder the achievement of such target should not be developed.’


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Partner news

a model of a molecule
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