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Koole Terminals implements UAB-Online barge solution

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A terminal worker in high vis and hard hat looking at UAB-Online's software on a tablet

The process excellence & innovation team at Koole Terminals has successfully introduced a barge portal with UAB-Online at Koole Tankstorage Botlek (KTB) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Bob Möhlmann, process excellence & innovation consultant, speaks enthusiastically about the process: ‘KTB opted for a complete integration with its own IT systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry by our colleagues. Now, documents are exchanged automatically for digital signing and storage, while operational critical times are logged automatically. This groundbreaking integration makes KTB the first terminal worldwide to implement this advanced level of integration. As a result, our colleagues can now devote even more attention to efficiently executing the primary process.’

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‘We are delighted to announce the successful implementation of our collaborative efforts with Koole Tankstorage Botlek,’ says Hans Bobeldijk, CEO of UAB-Online. ‘Through this integration, Koole has accomplished a significant milestone by integrating UAB-Online with their terminal management system. This has empowered Koole to elevate the just-in-time arrival experience for barges and seagoing vessels at their terminal location. By facilitating real-time exchange of vital operational timestamps with key stakeholders such as surveyors and agents, Koole can achieve greater alignment in their planning and operations. Consequently, Koole benefits from reduced port stay, a streamlined and error-minimized process, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.’

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