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Exclusive interview: V-Tank Storage SA

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Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Tank Storage Magazine speaks to it’s Autumn edition front cover sponsor, V-Tank Storage SA, about its global sites.

We are an independent storage company for bulk liquid products, focused on the marketing, renting in and renting out storage capacity at bulk liquid terminals,’ says Ulf Vleeshouwers founder, chairman and CEO of V-Tank Storage SA. With more than 52 years of experience in the bulk liquid storage sector, Vleeshouwers has been a vital part of the industry for decades. ‘After having worked for Paktank, Van Ommeren (now Vopak), Nordic Tank Storage, Nordic Storage and InterTank, I had the idea to start the world-wide company – V-Tank Storage SA,’ he says.

V-Tanks global sites

Globally, V-Tank Storage SA is operational in eight major geographical locations, with a total storage capacity of around 4 million m3, involving more than 250 tanks. ‘The locations in Asia, the

A large green tanks with numbers and a few cylinders
V-Tank Terminal in the Seychelles

United Arab Emirates and in the Caribbean were chosen because of the great relationships I have with people managing those locations. And together, we have built these to become prime hubs for bulk liquid storage movements,’ explains Vleeshouwers.

Locations such as the Nordics and Baltics have been prime spots for business in companies Vleeshouwers managed before, so it made sense to continue here. However, due to the European oil embargo on Russia, these are not yet fully operational. ‘The terminals at the other locations are running at full speed and are handling all kind of existing petroleum products from naphtha to heavy fuel oil and chemicals. These are coming in by vessels and going out by other vessels, road and rail,’ says Vleeshouwers.

The facilities in the Caribbean, the Baltics, the Nordics, UK and Europe mainly store petroleum products, while in Asia and in the UAE, V-Tank’s terminals mainly store chemical products. Aside from that, Vleeshouwers says there is not much difference between the various locations.

‘All professional terminals work very much the same way, all around the world. All the same rules are valid. The only difference is the management and employees in those countries because of varying cultures and religions but at V-Tank Storage SA, we have trust in each other that everything runs smoothly,’ explains Vleeshouwers.

What is V-Tank doing next?

Over the next five years, Vleeshouwers plans on expanding the business. ‘The plan is to be able to offer a total of 30 terminals worldwide and increase our total capacity to 10 million m3.’ V-Tank Storage SA wants to be able to handle all existing bulk liquid products.

V-Tank Storage SA is taking significant steps towards going green, reinvesting 30% of the company’s profit into sustainable energy solutions like solar, wind, water and the storage of renewable energy. Vleeshouwers and V-Tank Storage SA will follow the rest of the globe by independently assessing the sustainability efforts of both its own terminals and those it represents.

‘We try to be proactive, competitive and always on the go,’ says Vleeshouwers. The future for V-Tank Storage SA is bright and it plans to be a worldwide storage provider which the market can trust. The company’s management employees have a total of more than 200 years’ experience, providing them with the skills and expertise required for a successful tank terminal business.

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