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Rosen Develops Research Project For The Energy Institute

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Molly Cooper

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The Rosen Group has developed a research report commissioned by the Energy Institute to identify current knowledge gaps regarding repurposing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen. The report is based on a literature review of all ongoing technical work, joint industry projects, and research in this field worldwide.

Neil Gallon, principal engineer at Rosen says: ‘The conversion of the existing natural gas infrastructure to the transportation of hydrogen is an important element of the energy transition. While the threats operators face with natural gas infrastructure are still relevant, there are certain characteristics of hydrogen that may increase the risk of some threats more than others. As hydrogen is a relatively new energy source, there are at this time some knowledge gaps that need to be addressed in order to safely use the existing assets while transitioning to a decarbonised future.’

Two scientists looking at laptopTogether with the Energy Institute, the Rosen Group is working on filling these knowledge gaps by reviewing all ongoing technical work, joint industry projects, and research worldwide.

The goal of this research is to consolidate all knowledge into a guidance document to enable pipeline operators and other energy companies to safely introduce hydrogen into their existing natural gas infrastructure. The research report focuses on pipelines and certain associated installations from (but not including) the hydrogen production plant up to the customer’s inlet valves.

Whilst work on an initial report identified various gaps and areas requiring further work for safe repurposing, this new report identified a significant amount of work that at least partially addresses these gaps already. The projects examined in the report already provide initial insights but are still ongoing and cannot yet answer all the questions.

‘Our aim is to support operators mastering the challenges brought on by the energy transition. Our unique inspection and testing data pool, combined with our thorough knowledge of the conditions of countless miles of pipeline, empowers us to assess which of these knowledge gaps as addressed in the Energy Institute report are extremely relevant and urgently need to be addressed. The idea of a guidance document for operators and other energy companies is extremely useful for the industry,’ adds Marion Erdelen-Peppler, global business line manager for hydrogen at Rosen.


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