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UK Sampling Gauges: The Analysis Is Only As Good As The Sample

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UK Sampling Gauges’ founder Reg Kimonides explains how modern sampling methods can vastly improve product analysis


In order to establish the quality of their products and ensure this complies with or even exceeds industry regulations and specifications, terminal owners need to take multiple samples from within the tanks. At the start of his career Reg Kimonides, founder of UK Sampling Gauges, used old style cork- and-can to take samples from a ship’s cargo. ‘This style of sampling is outdated and extremely messy. Not only this, but more important to note, the sample taken is not representative,’ Kimonides says.

This drove Kimonides’ passion to develop a complete range of sampling equipment for liquids, to meet industry standards and serve the oil industry and oil loss departments. His background as a master mariner, with a range of experience from tanker shipping to shore tank inspection helped him identify the pain points for this industry. This equipment is also in use in the biofuels and water sampling industries.


Taking Reliable And Representative Samples

UK Sampling Gauges has over fifty devices to suit the growing demands that face terminals. ‘Our comprehensive range of equipment enables the operator to take the required samples with the confidence that each sample obtained is reliable and representative,’ says Kimonides. To show the difference in tank pressure and filling rates when comparing a conventional sampler with the UKSGL all-level, running sampler, UK Sampling Gauges created a transparent testing unit depth pressure simulator. When comparing the two types of samplers, the results highlight that the UKSGL sampler was unaffected by the outside pressure and was able to take vital representative sample. This results in a much more accurate analysis for terminal companies and their customers. Ultimately the analysis of each cargo within the tanks is determined by the quality of the sample. So, it is imperative that the sampling equipment is suitable for the job. By providing a representative, accurate sample first-time, UK Sampling Gauges can save a terminal operator time and money, preventing re-testing and re-sampling.


Environmental Credentials

One consideration when it comes to sampling oil and other products is that petrochemical terminals can often emit harmful or greenhouse gases. As the industry is being scrutinised more and more each day, it’s imperative to keep on top of emissions. As well as being ISO 9001:2015 accredited, UK Sampling Gauges’ closed sampling system release little to no vapours when the valves are opened for sampling.


Bespoke Approach

UK Sampling Gauges designs and manufactures the sampling equipment in house at its factory in Lincolnshire, UK. The range includes bottom, universal, spot, all-level, running and sediment samplers, RVP sampling kits, ATEX & IECEx approved open sampling equipment, ATEX and IECEx closed sampling systems, restricted sampling kits and a variety of sampling accessories from backpacks and adaptors to maintenance kits and sounding rods. The company’s range of bottom samplers are renowned for their ability to obtain liquid samples from the bottom (or a specified distance from the bottom) of a tank or reservoir. Their main use is to detect water underneath oil or fuel and can also be used to take samples from the fuel/water interface for detecting microbial growth.

Further development of new products is a continuing driving forward force for the company to keep up with customer requirements. The team can also design and manufacture bespoke sampling equipment to better suit the needs of the operator and meet the industry standards. Alongside the design and manufacture of the sampling equipment they also offer equipment serving and training to better assist oil loss departments. The training sessions can be held at the customer site or at the UKSGL factory using their custom-built pressure/depth simulator station. The training covers general use of the equipment, how to care and clean the equipment after each sampling session and general maintenance.

‘This helps us maintain a good working relationship with our customers. We have a duty of care to our customers and want to support them in every way we can,’ Kimonides comments. ‘Our training videos are very comprehensive and walk the user through operating various kits. The UKSGL app is much like our website and is our way of making UK Sampling Gauges more accessible.’ Both platforms feature product brochures and training videos to better support operators.


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