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Delve into the world of AI and robotics at StocExpo 2024

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Anamika Talwaria

Anamika Talwaria

Editor & Head of Content for Tank Storage Magazine & StocExpo and Chair of Women in Tanks.

AI and robotics demos will dominate the show floor at StocExpo, the world-leading event for the tank storage and energy infrastructure industry, when it returns to the Rotterdam Ahoy on 12 & 13 March 2024.

Reflecting the tank storage industry’s efforts to digitise and automate, StocExpo’s show floor will feature tech demos from AI and robotics specialists from all over the world. Delegates will have the opportunity to see live demos and learn more about cutting-edge equipment and software from the likes of Terra, Gerotto, Flyability, Square Robot, AIS, Voliro, and Cliin, and many more.

The Terminal Operations & Safety Conference will also feature a number of talks on the various applications of robotics and AI from cyber security, to tank inspection, to damage detection, to document management.

Margaret Dunn, portfolio director at StocExpo, says: ‘Tank storage is a foundational industry, one of tight margins and high processing risk. As such, any tools to improve efficiency and health and safety through digitisation and automation are going to be critical. This year, more than any previous year, StocExpo is shining a light on AI and robotics both in our two-stream conference and on the exhibition floor. If you’re a terminal operator looking to modernise your processes and improve your ability to protect the welfare of your team, StocExpo is the place to be.’

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