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DFS Launches Automatic Tank Gauge Console

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Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) has launched its latest automatic tank gauge (ATG) console, the ProGauge MagLink LX Ultimate.

Established in 1993, ProGauge (formerly Start Italiana) has evolved into a leading brand for ATG solutions, globally. As part of the long-standing ProGauge Maglink LX console family, the MagLink LX Ultimate is DFS’ most advanced ATG console yet. Available globally, this brand-new console combines the functionality of both the OPW Fuel Management Systems SiteSentinel Integra and ProGauge MagLink LX consoles.

Incorporating several impressive upgrades, including intelligent touch and swipe technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities, the MagLink LX Ultimate console provides a truly immersive and interactive experience for the end user. It’s precise, scalable, connected, and helps retailers ensure their site is more environmentally friendly, due to the console’s ability to detect and record leaks.

Users can effortlessly swipe between screens to easily view and navigate tank data – in fact, this console can monitor up to nine tanks at the same time, all by swiping across screens. This, alongside a brighter screen, faster processor and simplified reporting capabilities makes it one of the most advanced ATG consoles on the market. The MagLink LX Ultimate also interfaces seamlessly with intelligent sensors, such as those built on IntelliSense technology, as well as simple on/off sensors. Not only does this provide site owners even more flexibility when it comes to connecting consoles to forecourt equipment, it also provides greater monitoring coverage made visible through a single user interface.

The MagLink LX Ultimate is a console designed to be scaled up. With base monitoring capabilities of up to 12 probes, this console can be easily enhanced to deliver monitoring of up to 48 probes and 480 sensors across a fuel network. This coupled with patented multi-drop technology, reduces installation costs and makes the MagLink LX Ultimate console the ideal solution for fuel retail sites of all sizes.

Stefano Scatena, DFS’ Senior Director and General Manager, ATG, GSBU Strategy, and Product Management, says: ‘The ProGauge portfolio has evolved into a one-stop-shop for fuel management and is now considered to be one of the leading brands for ATG solutions in the industry, designing and manufacturing the MagLink LX Ultimate console is a testament to that.’

Designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with other DFS products and solutions, the MagLink LX Ultimate seamlessly integrates with DX Wetstock, the new DFS DMP family of magnetostrictive probes, and all legacy probes from DFS, including OPW Fuel Management Solutions’ models. With improved scalability, flexibility and connectivity, the MagLink LX Ultimate is DFS’ most sophisticated, feature-rich console yet.

‘It’s such an incredible sense of achievement, launching a brand-new MagLink LX console, one that completes the MagLink LX family. It truly is a solution that provides our customers with an advanced, precise, scalable, and global ATG console,’ says Scatena.

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