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Olivia Energy Group Terminals Achieves ISO9001 Certification

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The team at OPTrade, explain how this latest certification development has improved operations and customer care


Olivia Energy Group Terminals (OEGT) is currently the only independent operator for bulk liquids in Cádiz port, Spain with a strategy to diversify its product scope. The group’s global capacity is currently 127,000 m³ distributed across three terminals. In 2023 OEGT achieved ISO9001 certification, released by the global certification company Intertek. The scope includes all three terminals where the company operates in Cádiz Port: Cádiz I terminal (Olivia Petroleum), Cádiz II terminal (Olivia UCO Storage) and Puerto Real terminal (OPTrade).


Certifications & Management

The company looked for a well-known standard framework in order to set up a long term improvement when operating the facilities with a better compliance and meeting customers’ requirements. OEGT recognises the importance of proper certification and training, as well as proper management. Along with the ISO9001 certificate OEGT has a roadmap to get certifications on ISO14001 in 2024, ISO 45001 in 2025 and CDI-T certification for further years. The company will benefit from a sturdy management system that will guide to the terminals into a better operational performance to achieve an operational excellence status in few years.

Those management systems have to be implemented along with ISCC and compliance requirements for CAT-3 products. ISCC is in place in all three terminals, CAT-3 is already implemented in Cádiz II terminal and it is expected to be implemented in the other two ones in 2024 as basic part to meet commercial requirements in a more regulated market regarding sustainability and energy transition scenario.

This certification process is part of OEGT’s growing strategy to be one of leading independent storage companies in the West Mediterranean-Gibraltar Strait. These management systems are in line with customers’ and authorities’ requirements – and also in order. In the same strategy, OEGT has been also awarded with ISO27001 certification, to protect the facilities in terms of cybersecurity.

The company’s long-term strategy is to create a strong compliance system to mitigate risks in a continuously changing scenario regarding geopolitics and commercial regulations affecting customers activity framework and safety of the facilities. All this systems are backed by an extensive internal training programme to get the best operational standard.


Further Terminal Projects

OEGT’s fourth terminal project, called Cádiz III, is ongoing, with the aim to be ready to operate by mid-2024. The expansion will add 13,000 m³ to the terminal’s storage capacity for easy chemicals and biofuels feedstocks. Further expansion permitting is ongoing to expand Puerto Real Terminal, to bring an additional 18,000 m³ for petroleum products. The permitting process is intended to be ready by Q1 2024 and OEGT is also in talks regarding new sustainable fuels for potential customers to allocate ammonia or hydrogen in line to abovementioned diversification strategy.

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