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SIS and ENDEGS Join as ETS Degassing

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SIS GmbH and ENDEGS GmbH, experts in industrial emission reduction and degassing, are joining forces under the new name ETS Degassing to form the European market and technology leader in the field of mobile emission treatment and reduction.

The two companies already merged last year under the umbrella of the newly founded ETS Group – Environmental Technology Services. The rebranding to ETS Degassing will take place this month, with headquarters in Amelinghausen and further offices in Pförring and Duisburg as well as international locations in France, the Netherlands and the Middle East.

‘SIS and ENDEGS are the market leaders in the field of emission reduction and mobile degassing for a variety of industries such as oil, gas, chemicals and petrochemicals with their first-class technology offering. With the establishment of ETS Degassing as part of the ETS Group, we are building on the many years of experience of both companies to grow into further core markets and drive internationalization,’ says Dr Uwe Nickel, managing director and CEO of ETS Group. ‘The importance of emission reduction in industrial processes and maintenance is constantly growing, and with ETS Degassing, the Group has an excellently positioned company with great expertise and experience in the field of mobile degassing.’

‘We are delighted to announce the rebranding to ETS Degassing,’ says Normen Gerlach, managing director of ETS Group and ETS Degassing GmbH. ‘Last year, SIS and ENDEGS merged under the umbrella of the ETS Group in order to bundle their joined strengths and drive the further development of the companies. As part of our strategy, the merger into the brand ETS Degassing is only logical.’

‘As ETS Degassing, our goal is to exploit the full potential of the Group and our technologies and to further optimize and expand our services,’ adds David Wendel, managing director of ETS Group and ETS Degassing GmbH. ‘In order to open up new potential in new and international markets, we have initially focused on expanding our management and sales structures. The founding of ETS Degassing is now the next step towards an even more intensive internationalization of our company.’

The headquarters of ETS Degassing is Amelinghausen, Germany, with further locations in Pförring and a vessel degassing site in the Port of Duisburg. The international subsidiaries of ETS Degassing also offer the company’s innovative technologies to international customers from locations in France, the Netherlands and the Middle East. ‘Apart from the new name, nothing will change for our partners and customers as a result of the rebranding – we will continue to offer our usual services and technologies,’ says Gerlach.

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