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UM Terminals expands operations in biofuels sector

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UM Terminals has achieved several notable successes during the last 12 months, among the more important being the expansion of our operations in the biofuels sector.

Phillip McEvoy, UM Terminals’ managing director, who has just marked his first anniversary in the role, says: ‘We have had customers come to us with specific logistical challenges and we have been able to provide them with tangible solutions in enabling them to meet their tank storage requirements in a very fast and efficient way.

‘We set ourselves the goal of building our capability in the biofuels sector during 2023 and thanks to a huge team effort we have been able to achieve this.

‘This has been possible thanks to a commitment to continual investment in our assets, the recruitment of talented people, including in engineering and project management, and rigorous processes around regulatory compliance.’

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