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7th International LNG Congress looks at fuel’s future

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The 7th International LNG Congress, held on the BGS online platform on the 7-8 of June 2021, attracted more than 500 delegates and focussed on the global view of the future of the LNG industry.

Delegates included those from gas majors, EPCs, local gas companies, truck and fleet owners, fuelling infrastructure developers and operators, terminals and ports representatives, and governmental bodies, with companies such as Shell, Cryostar SAS, Wood, Fluor, Saipem, Technip Energies, Saudi Aramco, BP and Equinor represented. They attended more than 350 meetings over the two-day conference period, looking at topics including IMO regulations, alternative fuels for trucks and fleet, opportunities for LNG in Europe, bio-LNG, and LNG-to-power.

Congress session were divided into parallel technical and business streams, with seven main core topics; an overview of the market in a post-coronavirus world; alternative fuel development (LNG, hydrogen, bio-LNG); LNG bunkering infrastructure tendencies; small-scale LNG technologies; sustainability of the global shipping industry; decarbonisation in road transportation; and cutting-edge LNG projects and development.

The congress also included two roundtables. The first round table looked at road transportation decarbonisation, while the second looked at low carbon and hydrogen solutions from gas majors, EPCs, truck owners, fuelling infrastructure representatives and governmental bodies.

The 8th International LNG Congress, LNGCon 2022, will be hed from 28-30 March 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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