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New oil condition monitor from Parker

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Control technologies firm Parker Hannifin has launched new oil condition monitoring technology for the marine industry.

DIGI Plus offers rapid on-site and on-board oil condition monitoring and has a built-in test memory for recording up to 50 individual test results as part of a pre-programmed test plan. Operators can also use the device for miscellaneous or spot tests. DIGI Plus comes with a USB cable for both charging the device and downloading stored data, which can be used for trend analysis.

The DIGI Plus combined test cell offers both water in oil (H2O) and base number (BN) testing. It comes as part of Parker’s DIGI Plus Field Test Kit, which also includes acid number insoluble loading and basic viscosity test measurement.

The system has been designed for use in ‘challenging’ conditions and has an improved backlit colour display for better visibility. The new display simplifies the identification of alarm conditions and pass or fail results, and can guide a user through various procedures. The company says that DIGI Plus will improve productivity and increase uptime for the marine industry.

‘With nearly 30 years of oil conditioning monitoring expertise behind it, Parker’s DIGI Plus solution has been shaped around the needs of engineers and maintenance staff working in the marine industry. We’re proud to have developed cost-effective technology which will help keep the marine sector moving by reducing risks, protecting essential assets, and decreasing the downtime caused by engine and equipment failure,’ says Shaun Skilton at Parker.

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