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Äager unveils new Domeroof for harsh weather conditions 

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Äager has designed an innovative new solution for storage tank coverings. The Domeroof offers considerable strength, durability and reliability.
The Domeroof features a patented geodesic dome design, offering exceptional strength, stability, and reliability, even in harsh weather conditions.

The Domeroof can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, heavy snow loads, and earthquakes. Its design allows it to distribute weight evenly across the tank, providing maximum protection against external factors. In addition, the design of the Domeroof allows for easy maintenance, cleaning, and inspection, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Riza Altunergil, VP of Äager, says: ‘Äager’s mission has always been to provide our customers with innovative and reliable solutions that meet their specific needs. The Domeroof is a testament to that mission, offering our customers a storage tank solution that is both reliable and easy to maintain while providing superior protection against external factors.’ 

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