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Allgon Achieves ISO Certifications 14001 & 9001

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Allgon has achieved two key ISO multi-site certifications that corroborate the organisation’s vision, the 14001 certification, for environmental management systems, and the 9001 certification, for quality management systems.

The multi-site certification, granted by Bureau Veritas, covers Allgon sites in its head office in Gothenburg, Sweden, and its development, manufacturing and service centre in Björbo, as well as in its daughter brands’ head offices in Gothenburg for Tele Radio and Björbo, Dalarna for Åkerströms, respectively.

A strong ESG framework is a cornerstone of Allgon’s vision for the future. The ISO 14001 certification represents the commitment the organisation has toward sustainable practices. The audit found the current operational practices in Allgon to be in comply with the standard of minimising environmental impact throughout the full product life cycle, from development to sales and service of its radio remote controls.

The 9001 certification corroborates Allgon’s ongoing process of streamlining operations that translate into customer confidence and satisfaction with the brand. For the first time, these entities in Sweden are globally certified under the Allgon name.

These certifications serve as a reference point to the high bar Allgon has set for its own operations. Ola Samelius, CEO of Allgon AB, says: ‘ISO certifications are one of the key ways we, as an organisation, can prove our commitment to the high standards we expect of ourselves as well as the vision we have set for the company moving forward.’

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