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Balticconnector natural gas pipeline shutdown and inspection to begin

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Gasgrid Finland and the Estonian gas transmission system operator Elering AS has announced an inspection into the Balticconectors operation has begun.

This is due to an unusual drop in pressure in the Balticconnector offshore gas pipeline that runs between the countries on the small hours of October 8, 2023.

A snowy forest with treesThe pipe section was isolated shortly after the discovery by closing Balticconnector’s valves.

As of 10 October, gas transmission between Finland and Estonia has been halted. The state of the Finnish gas system is stable, and the supply of gas is secured via the Inkoo LNG floating terminal.

Due to the unusual drop in pressure, it is reasonable to suspect that the cause of the incident was damage to the offshore gas pipeline and a resulting leak. The gas leak caused by the suspected damage to the pipeline has been stopped when the pipe section was isolated, and the valves closed.

Gasgrid Finland is responsible for the inspection operation, and it is carried out in cooperation with Elering. The inspection operation will be carried out in stages during this week.

If it appears that the unusual drop in pressure in the Balticconnector pipeline observed in the morning of October 8 is caused by a leak caused by suspected damage, based on the measurements made now, repair plans for the pipeline can be made and the schedule for the repair work can be defined.

Gasgrid Finland has assessed the extent of the gas leak released in the supposed event. Once the results are confirmed, they are reported to the environmental authorities in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act.

The state of Finland’s gas system is stable, and the supply of gas is secured

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