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EEMUA introduces guidance for ageing electrical assets

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The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) has published new guidance for electrical engineers managing certain ageing electrical assets.

EEMUA 227, Management of ageing electrical assets, has been developed by EEMUA’s Electrical Engineering Committee, which includes engineers, technical authorities and policy managers. It brings together existing knowledge to overcome difficulties in accessing or determining equipment failure rates. EEMUA 227 aims to ensure adequate and appropriate maintenance and an understanding of “end of life” considerations, at a time when assessment techniques are changing and old skills are being lost. EEMUA hopes that the guidance will help to reduce costs, reduce catastrophic failures, enable a more proactive management approach and improve awareness of potential problems in managing ageing electrical assets.

The Committee prioritised six types of equipment based on where there was a lack of other guidance or an increase in incidents related to ageing assets – electrical drives, electrical protection devices, power cables, switchgear (high and low voltage), transformers, and generators and motors. It includes guidance on identifying potential failure mechanisms, estimating remaining life, and maintenance methods to extend life.

EEMUA 227 is available as a PDF or hard copy from the EEMUA online shop.

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