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Flyability launches innovative inspection software

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Swiss confined spaces inspection specialist Flyability has launched new software to allow internal inspectors to easily and http://flyabilty.comprecisely pinpoint defect locations.

Inspector 3.0, which Flyability says is the first software of its kind, has been designed to work with the company’s indoor inspection drone Elios 2. Pinpointing the exact location of a remote drone in a confined space like a tank is difficult due to the lack of indoor positioning systems like GPS. However, with Inspector 3.0, an inspector can generate a sparse point cloud for the asset, to show exactly where the defects are. The system uses data already collected by the Elios 2, rather than relying on expensive technology such as LiDAR, or long processing times like hat required by photogrammetry software. The successful beta testing phase involved 150 users.

‘The localisation feature of Inspector 3.0 is really what was missing up until now,’ says Thibault Chatillon, innovation and development manager at French engineering firm Setec. ‘It was always requested by my customers. Now I can say, look, it’s here.”

Patrick Thévoz, CEO of Flyability says: ‘Inspector 3.0 represents a big step forward in our greater mission to remove the need for humans to enter confined spaces in the workplace. The ability to see the precise location of inspection data within an asset will help inspectors be more efficient and help their clients be even more productive with the results they get from inspections.’

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