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Emerson introduces first SIL 3-certified valves

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Emerson Fisher Digital Isolation valve assembly

US technology firm Emerson has introduced industry’s first valve assemblies that meet the design process requirements of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 as specified in the International Electrotechnical Commission’s IEC 61508 standard.

The Fisher Digital Isolation final element solutions are designed as shutdown valves in critical safety instrumented system (SIS) applications. The new valve assemblies avoid the need for customers to specify, procure and assemble all individual valve components. Emerson’s Digital Isolation provides an engineered shutdown valve specifically designed for a particular process, with the various components selected to satisfy the application requirements. The entire assembly is sold as a fully tested and certified unit, with a single serial number and documentation with the details of every part of the assembly.

The probability of failure on demand rate is significantly lower due to the fact that it is built as a single unit by Emerson, and can be up to 50% lower than a unit built by an end user. exida, a global leader in product certification and knowledge, has certified the system as a whole system, which meets its rigorous Remote Actuated Valve Assembly requirements. By using this certified assembly, SIS designers may realise a substantial reduction in dangerous undetected failure rates (λDU).

‘In one example, an Emerson customer was hoping to achieve a six-year test interval for a SIL 2 safety interlock. When they performed a component SIL calculation on a standard shutdown valve, they could only achieve a SIL 1 level reliability at a six-year test interval. However, the Digital Isolation assembly exceeded SIL 2 requirements using the same components. This allowed the plant to safely extend their run time to six years, generating millions of dollars in additional revenue,’ says the company.

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