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Emerson launches new digital toolset

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US engineering technology firm Emerson has launched MyAssets, a new digital toolset, to help users carry out maintenance plans more easily and efficiently.

MyAssets forms part of the MyEmerson digital tools portfolio launched in 2019, designed to improve productivity and collaboration. The toolset offers instant access to device documentation, replacements, spares, and walkdown reports for plant staff.

For those planning maintenance work, MyAssets can improve schedule compliance by providing a single location for device information, technical documentation, spare and replacement part details, and lifecycle status condition. This easy access enables the faster creation of work packets. Digital walkdown reports analyse the condition of onsite devices from any manufacturer and offer prioritised recommendations for more predictable shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.

Up-to-date manufacturer information is connected to installed products by serial number, ensuring confidence in spare and replacement parts selection. At release, information for over 10 million Emerson products, covering five years of factory shipments, is already integrated with the MyAssets database. MyAssets is also connected to online engineering and procurement tools in MyEmerson, making it easy for maintenance planners to manage lead times and delivery of parts.

Field technicians can quickly and easily identify devices by scanning a QR code or RFID tag to verify the asset tag and serial number in MyAssets. Device-specific content is automatically connected to the tag, delivering installation instructions and technical documentation to technicians in the field and enabling them to more easily fix problems the first time, improving both safety and speed.

‘Our focus continues to be on connecting people and technology to make workers better at their jobs. Digital tools are about making work processes simpler. With a MyEmerson account, maintenance teams can now more easily find relevant device-specific information to do their work an order of magnitude faster, says Brad Budde, vice-president of digital customer experience for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business.

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