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TWTG’s new NEON sensors now IECEx approved

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Dutch engineering technology company TWTG has received IECEx/ATEX Zone 1 approvals for its newest NEON vibration sensor and its NEON temperature transmitter.

The company’s valve and temperature sensors received FM approval for use in the US and Canada in July.

The sensors can provide regular information to operators about the vibration of rotating equipment, allowing them to detect potential issues early, and for measuring the extreme temperatures within operational processes. They are based on LoRaWAN communications technology.

‘When a chemical plant for instance, wants to upgrade large amounts of existing assets to create a system that provides information faster and more reliably, they really only have three options: Replacing existing assets, employing more operators, who then have to manually check the assets, or by employing our NEON sensors, to retrofit Industrial IoT sensors. Whilst the first and second options are cost intensive, the third option can be installed within minutes and wirelessly provides information about the health status of the assets for up to ten years. Operators can now monitor solutions, based on the data and the condition that the assets communicate back to them. This is how customers can future proof their sites easily and at minimal cost,’ says Joost Peters, TWTG’s NEON product owner.

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