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Emtec launches wearable social distance monitor

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WorkSafe, part of IT firm Emtec, has launched the Safe Spacer, a wearable social distance monitor to help employees maintain a safe, 2 m distance in the workplace, developed in collaboration with IK Multimedia.

Keeping a distance of 2 m away from other people is one of the main recommended ways to avoid infection during the COVID-19 pandemic. The device can be worn on the wrist, a lanyard or a belt loop, and when two units come within 2 m of each other, they will alert the wearer with light, vibration and sound. It can also log contact for rapid contact tracing in the event of exposure. The Safe Spacer is suitable for use for companies of all sizes in any industry, as well as for businesses open to the public, as they are easily sanitised.

The Safe Spacer uses cutting edge ultra-wideband radio-frequency technology to achieve precise distancing, which can be up to 10 times more accurate than Bluetooth. It is FCC, IC and RED certified. Units can be charged individually or on the S-Charger docking/charging station, which can charge up to 25 devices at a time. It is possible to chain three stations together to charge 75.

Emtec and IK teamed up to develop the device to help get people safely back to work and ensure a COVID-secure workspace.

‘Our aim in creating the Safe Spacer was to help organisations get back to business and operate in a confidently secure way, and we’re delighted to have achieved this. The Safe Spacer is a real game-changer and what’s more its future-proof design offers many additional uses post-COVID, so it’s a real investment for any business,’ says Emtec co-founder and CEO, Martin Wedge.

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