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CEA Systems helps terminals manage asset data remotely during COVID-19 isolation

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Netherlands-based CEA Systems offers a software solution with a data-centric approach for asset data management.

Last year the pandemic struck and the tank storage industry, like many others, succumbed to social distancing. Even though physical assets are the most important items, supporting data grew in importance with global lockdowns. Conducting field checks to prepare for maintenance, inspection or engineering work would take hours taking social distancing into consideration.

CEA Systems’ Plant4D software makes it unnecessary to go outside. It digitises assets in such a way that users have point cloud scans, 3D-models, P&IDs and flat data from any secure environment at home.

This makes the need for physical field checks unnecessary and saves users a lot of time. Having the correct specifications in a system is of great importance. Organisations often store asset data in various places in their offices and in different software systems resulting in departmental silos. Research and customer interviews showed that collecting simple as-built data is the most time-consuming and frustrating thing.

With Plant4D this is a thing of the past. You enter everything into the software once, and that is the place where you make all your updates, wherever you are. From now on you can get a clear insight into your asset data at any time, from any location, trusting that this information is 100% up-to-date, validated and complete. Whether this is related to Piping & Processes or Instrumentation & Electricity, Plant4D provides an overview.

Thomas Koop, customer support manager at CEA Systems, will be discussing how to manage asset data remotely during his presentation at 12.15 CET on 17 March 2021 during The Terminal of Tomorrow online conference, organised by StocExpo and Tank Storage Magazine.

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