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Engel & Völkers Houston enters industrial real estate

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US real estate firm Engel & Völkers of Houston (E&V Houston) has expanded into the global industrial real estate market, including the vast oil and gas industrial market.

E&V Houston says that no matter the size of the company, its team of strategic consultants will offer flexibility and commitment. The E&V Houston development team is able to assist existing business project development personnel in larger firms such as major terminal providers, or fill the role of a business development team for smaller independent companies which do not already have that facility. The initial consultation is free of charge and can be confidential.

Brooks Ballard, the real estate firm’s broker, is excited about the opportunity. Brooks Ballard leads an award-winning team of consultants in luxury homes, global relocation services, commercial and residential real estate, and new construction, built on relationships and an understanding of clients’ needs.

Timothy ‘TC’ Curl is taking charge of E&V Houston’s industrial real estate market. Curl and the team bring a vast array of technical knowledge and experiences to a market table believed by E&V Houston to be grossly under served by the current commercial real estate market providers.

A graduate of Houston’s Jones College of Real Estate in 1983, Curl received his first real estate licence doing sales and marketing of multi-family housing projects in Houston, along with site location, acquisition, and development of retail and fast-food sites. Curl has also served as the president and CEO of Global Environmental & Marine Services, CEO of Nature Group’s US division, CEO of RedFish Barge & Fleeting, and CEO of Global Energy Recovery Systems.

The E&V Houston team of consultants will focus on developing world-class industrial projects for clients. The highly qualified technical consultants can provide a turn-key international development solution to its global customer and client base. No matter what the needs are, E&V Houston is well suited to accommodate them.

E&V’s diverse team of consultants and strategic alliances is comprised of three different market disciplines, firstly, the the process of real estate site locating, vetting, and evaluation. E&V Houston’s personnel will have access to a database of advisors tuned into an extensive global market, enabling them to best serve terminal and industrial operators.

Secondly, E&V Houston has formed an integral strategic relationship with the highly experienced consulting group of Global Energy Recovery Systems (GERS). GERS is a logistics, environmental systems and permitting consulting group; always an important part of the due diligence process pertaining to any industrial project regardless of the project location. The GERS team can evaluate locations based on the access to the global market via air, deep water seaport, rail, road/highway systems, and inter-coastal waterway connections. The other area of development expertise offered through GERS is their ability to provide environment concerns and permitting advice.

Finally, E&V Houston has a relationship with Corpus Christi-based JM Davidson Industrial Solutions Group (JMD), a second generation marine construction, industrial components, and industrial terminal design and construction company. JMD can assist the potential project developer with possible design ideas or pitfalls. They can provide the preliminary budget and financial projections needed to evaluate the potential success of the overall project value to the developer, as well as being open to bid as a qualified general contractor, or high-level sub-contractor.

Curl will give a presentation entitled ‘Engel & Völkers Houston enters the global industrial and marine terminal real estate acquisition and development market’ at 12.45 CET on 17 March 2021 during the Terminal of Tomorrow online conference, organised by StocExpo and Tank Storage Magazine.

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