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Gasunie announces new Match & Connect platform

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Meenal Datar

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Energy infrastructure company Gasunie, has begun offering market parties for hydrogen the opportunity to easily connect with each other via a new platform called Match & Connect. The platform was launched World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam on the 11 May.

After a successful pilot, users from seven countries are now active on the platform. Match & Connect helps potential end-users, producers or traders (shippers) from around the world to bring hydrogen supply and demand together.

Match & Connect easily connects (international) market parties, active on both the supply and demand side. The platform is accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. Market parties are able to contact each other via Match & Connect, for example if their supply and demand ‘match’. Through the platform, initial contact takes place. After the contact, it is up to the market parties themselves to make arrangements outside Match & Connect.

Gasunie only helps to connect supply and demand by facilitating the functionality of Match & Connect, without having access to chat and profile data.

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