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Holger Kreetz appointed new COO of Uniper

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Holger Kreetz, previously head of Uniper’s asset management division, will become the new chief operating officer (COO) and a member of Uniper’s management board. David Bryson, whose departure from Uniper was announced at the beginning of the year, will step down from the management board by the end of February.

Holger Kreetz says: ‘It is a privilege to be appointed to Uniper’s board of management. I look forward to working with great colleagues across the board to steer our company through the next exciting phase of its development together. David Bryson and I will soon begin the handover and I am very much looking forward to starting, together with Jutta Dönges (CFO), at the beginning of March. It will be my job to drive the transformation of the company. Uniper takes global warming seriously. It remains our goal to achieve climate neutrality in European power generation by 2035.’

‘I am pleased to hand over my duties to Holger Kreetz in the coming days. I have worked with Holger for many years and have always been impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for our industry,’ adds David Bryson.

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