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Renewable Fuels & Accelerating The Change

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As the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, Neste creates solutions to combat climate change and accelerate a shift to a circular economy.

Neste is a leader in renewable diesel, with almost 30 countries across the world served since 2020, and with nearly 600 fuelling stations across our growing global network. We are committed to collaborating with our customers and partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We refine waste, residues and innovative raw materials into renewable fuels and sustainable feedstock for plastics and other materials. Our aim is to help our customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tonnes annually by 2030.

By 2030, our ambition is to make our Porvoo oil refinery in Finland the most sustainable in Europe. To do that, we are introducing renewable and recycled raw materials such as liquefied waste plastic as refinery raw materials. We are committed to reaching carbon-neutral production by 2035 and will reduce the carbon emission intensity of sold products by 50% by 2040.

The majority of Neste’s profits come from renewable businesses: Renewable Road Transportation, Renewable Aviation, and Renewable Polymers and Chemicals. Neste’s current production capacity for renewable products globally is at 3.3 million tonnes annually. Neste’s ongoing production capacity project at its Singapore refinery and the joint venture with Marathon Petroleum in Martinez, CA, will increase the total production capacity of renewable products to 5.5 million tonnes by the end of 2023. This will make Neste the only global provider of renewable fuels and renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals with a production footprint on three continents.


We are in the midst of a fundamental paradigm shift of how we power mobility. Tomorrow’s mobility will be powered by a wide range of solutions, including electricity, hydrogen and renewable fuels. The paradigm shift is driven by an urgent need to reduce transport-related emissions, and only by combining all available solutions will we meet climate goals.

Renewable fuels are currently available and producers across the world are already marketing different types of renewable fuels. The production capacity of renewable fuels is predicted to expand exponentially over the next few decades.

Renewable fuels can be used neat or blended with fossil fuels and can be used in all modes of transport: cars, vans, trucks, planes, ships and heavy machinery. The blending of fuels allows for a gradual switch, offering flexibility which aids in reducing emissions.


Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) made from 100% sustainably sourced renewable raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat from food industry waste. With Neste MY Renewable Diesel, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by as much as 75% to 95% when emissions over
the fuel’s lifecycle are compared with fossil diesel.

The emission reduction percentage varies depending on the region-specific legislation that provides the methodology for the calculations (e.g. EU RED II 2018/2001/EU for Europe and US California LCFS for the US), and the raw material mix used to manufacture the product for each market.

Unlike fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel contains no aromatics or impurities. This allows the fuel to combust with maximum efficiency. The high cetane number ensures an efficient and clean combustion, which means it keeps the engine cleaner than traditional biodiesel. Therefore, fleets that use Neste MY Renewable Diesel typically require less maintenance. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a drop-in fuel, which does not require any modifications to existing vehicles, energy systems or fuel distribution infrastructures. Plus, it is suitable for very cold weather conditions (up to -34°C).

Neste MY Renewable Diesel can also be stored over long periods of time without deterioration in quality or water accumulation. For businesses with a lot of variety in usage during different seasons, this can bring substantial savings in fuel costs. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is produced at Neste’s refineries in Porvoo, Singapore and Rotterdam.

Peter Zonneveld is the VP renewable road transport (Europe and APAC) at Neste and will be speaking at StocExpo
in Rotterdam on 14-16 March. Register now to access the conference!

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