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Implico and Apollocom digitise Mexican downstream

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German oil and gas software consultancy firm Implico Group has teamed up with Mexican solutions integrator Apollocom to bring digital solutions to Mexico’s downstream sector.

The partners will introduce Implico’s OpenTAS terminal management system, which was designed to optimise and automate all the logistic and administrative processes in terminals and refineries. The partners believe the system is ‘an ideal solution to introduce the Mexican tank farm market to the game-changing benefits of digitalisation.’

Mexican energy reforms have led to many of the world’s leading storage providers announcing plans for building storage facilities in Mexico, with many projects already begun, and state oil company Pemex has more than 70 terminals of its own.

‘We see great opportunity in Mexico. On the one hand, the country possesses vast oil reserves and has a high daily demand for oil. On the other hand, it has only in recent years invited foreign companies to enter this business. This has created a special field of tension in which the most forward-looking and open-to-innovate companies will take the lead. We believe that OpenTAS TMS is a vital means to achieve this. And we believe that Apollocom, with its great expertise in terminal automation and process enhancement, is the perfect partner to introduce the Mexican market to the many advantages of OpenTAS TMS,’ says Thomas Roller, head of sales and marketing at Implico.

Belinda Quijano, managing director at Apollocom, adds: “Digitalisation is key to success – this claim, which is currently more true than ever, can be applied to any industry or market. It is especially valid, however, for the Mexican downstream industry. Here, we see huge demand for a capable, flexible and feature-rich solution providing substantial business benefits – a solution like OpenTAS TMS, which we are eager to bring to Mexico together with our new partners at Implico Group.’

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