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Embracing the digital future of tank terminals with newest cloud services

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The disruptive nature of today’s downstream industry presents oil and gas companies with big challenges: market volatility, oil price fluctuation, value chain fragmentation and energy transition. To stay ahead of the curve in this hard-to-predict environment, oil and gas companies must constantly turn the knobs, e.g. by adapting business models in a highly flexible manner, automating work steps, minimising operational costs and increasing customer experiences.

Implico sees cloud-based micro services as a key means for oil and gas companies to achieve this. These smart, digitised auxiliaries are lean, flexible and readily available. They neither require a huge investment nor a long implementation upfront. They build upon shared best practices and common industry standards. They are designed to make an immediate yet lasting impact. And they are part of a broad, open framework called the Supply Chain United.

Implico’s Head of Product Management Thomas Fahland will be discussing this at StocExpo’s online conference, which is being held virtually on 16-17 March.

On the morning of day two, Fahland will explain how the micro services of the Supply Chain United help oil and gas companies to elevate their digitalisation efforts to a new level and render their operations future-ready. Attendees will learn about the many benefits of the Supply Chain United and get a glimpse at a fully digitised downstream future – the realisation of which is already underway.

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