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Implico Connected Truck and Connected Depot apps now SAP-certified

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German-based oil and gas software consultancy firm Implico has announced that its Connected Truck and Connected Depot apps are now SAP-certified.

Connected Truck links drivers directly with the dispatching and transport planning system, ensuring that trip planning and reconciliation for bulk deliveries is as efficient and transparent as possible. Connected Depot links all users of tank farms with truck connections in real time, minimising queuing at the gate and onsite traffic. Users can see the latest site updates and carry out key work steps before a truck even arrives at the gate. The Online Check-in functionality means that product loading in oil, gas and chemical terminals can be streamlined.

Connected Truck and Connected Depot are cloud-based micro services and are both part of Implico’s Supply Chain United web services for multiple participants. The apps are designed to offer tank terminal operators and partners more efficient and secure operations.

The apps were built on the SAP Cloud Platform through the Co-Innovated with SAP programme. In this, SAP teams in product management, solution management, development and teams assist partner organisation developers through the development process to ensure that the final product meets SAP product standards. Implico says it was able to use SAP’s global expert network and use its state-of-the-art technologies and platforms.

‘The result are two best-of-breed solutions providing oil and gas companies – such as tank farms, refineries, fuel retail networks and logistics firms – with operational process excellence and further added value,’ the company says.

Both apps are already in use at pilot sites within Europe.

Tim Hoffmeister, Implico Group CEO, says: ‘With the Connected Truck and Connected Depot apps newly achieving SAP Certification through the Co-Innovated with SAP programme, we are taking an important step towards our vision of a fully digitalised, intelligent downstream supply chain. The increase in process optimisation for tank farms and carriers is immense. We are looking forward to offer our new ‘Supply Chain United’ technologies to the industry soon. Here, the label ‘Co-Innovated with SAP’ will help us a lot. After all, a company that opts for an SAP-certified product can be certain to receive class-A technology and service to help boost its business.’

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