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In conversation with Daiva Angeldorff

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Daiva Angeldorff, CEO of Nordic Storage chats with our staff writer, Molly, about winning the silver Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2022 Tank Storage Awards

 Molly: Why did you enter the awards?

Daiva: I was kindly nominated by HG Storage International Limited (HGSI). Nordic Storage AB is part of HGSI, a group of high-calibre gas and liquid petroleum products storage and logistics businesses, set across five continents.

Molly: What does it mean to you to win?

Daiva: It’s of course flattering to know that your work is appreciated, and I’m honoured to have received the silver in the Outstanding Achievement Award. I’m also proud for Nordic Storage and HG Storage to gain more acknowledgement in the industry.

 Molly: Why is it important to gain this recognition?

Daiva: As a woman in a still male-dominated industry I believe that it’s important to achieve a balance in the industry and to dare to take credit for what you have achieved and to stand up for the positive effort we put in.

Molly: What do you plan to do next?

Daiva: As the CEO of Nordic Storage, I look forward to facing the upcoming challenges and opportunities with an emphasis on sustainability and energy transition. We are intensifying our efforts towards more sustainable business areas and are looking to develop the company further with a clear sustainability ambition. We are also preparing for the shift from storing traditional petroleum-based products towards more sustainable biofuels as we are all moving toward the energy transition. Cross sector innovative cooperation and partnerships will be the way forward where Nordic Storage will play a vital part in the supply-chain offering sustainable storage solutions to our clients.

Molly: Lastly, any advice for people entering the awards this year?

Daiva: I encourage everyone to be proud of their accomplishments and I especially want to see more women open for this type of recognition.

Nominations are now open. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nominate yourself or others for the 2023 Tank Storage Awards in Rotterdam at Global Tank Storage Awards 2023!

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