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L&J Engineering launches smart flash infrared radar gauge

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A new smart flash infrared radar gauge with stilling well and an average temperature probe has been launched by L&J Engineering.
The increasing trend to install floating roof tanks has created the potential need for non-contact level measurement. On existing internal or external floating roof tanks that do not have a dedicated stilling well for mounting a level gauge, the typical level gauging device is a float/tape gauge with a float installed in a float pan on the internal floating roof.
Sometimes the maintenance cost associated with the float/tape gauge generates an interest in a form of non-contact level measurement. Without taking the existing tank out of service to install a dedicated stilling well, which is quite costly, the only alternative is to mount a radar gauge on an available nozzle a required distance from the tank side wall and try to focus the microwave beam to reflect off of the top of the internal floating roof.
This method often leads to accuracy issues based upon the non-linear movement of the roof and structures that may be welded to the roof.
L&J Technologies’ alternative method utilises radar measurement for internal and external floating roof tanks. If the existing tank has an existing ‘gauge pole’ or hand gauge well, the cross sectional drawing indicates the company’s solution of installing a new stilling well within the existing gauge pole well.
This method will also allow the insertion of an average temperature probe to allow for accurate temperature readings throughout the entire product travel in the tanks and also allows for a hand gauge port to provide for manual level checks.
The 1600 SFI radar gauge/stilling well fully complies to API 2350 Overfill Protection regulations.

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