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Systems Navigator to resolve Euro Tank Terminal logistics bottlenecks

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Systems Navigator has been selected by Euro Tank Terminal (ETT) to analyse and find solutions for various bottlenecks that exist in current terminal logistics.
Analysis of the bottlenecks focuses not only on landslide infrastructure, such as pumps, pipeline availability and routing for specific product groups, but also on berth and marine loading arm availability.
To decrease vessel waiting and turnaround times, ETT, VTTI’s terminal located in the Port of Rotterdam, and Systems Navigator formed an agreement to identify berth improvements and alternatives for tank to jetty connections.
ETT current handles K1, K2 and K3 products. To predict the impact of a new product mix at the terminal, various scenarios have been analysed using Systems Navigator’s advanced simulation technology and their experience in terminal logistics.
As a result, Systems Navigator has been able to build a solid understanding of ETT’s options within the changing market conditions.

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