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Mesa ETP announces new FlexCore liquid mounted seal

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Mesa ETP have announced the development of  FlexCore liquid mounted seal for tanks with armor fabric offering a significant reduce in tank emissions while ensuring performance and reliability.

Mesa ETP FlexCore liquid mounted seal is an engineered solution that uses tougher-than-steel armor fabric to provide industry-best emission control, durability, application flexibility and ease of installation.

Tim Nymberg, Mesa ETP CEO says: ‘The oil and natural gas industry plays a vital role in the global economy, but it also faces challenges associated with emissions, particularly methane and volatile organic compounds VOCs, innovation in emission reduction technologies for storage tanks has been limited until now. This breakthrough will enable the oil and natural gas industry to significantly mitigate its environmental impact while maintaining its bottom-line performance.’

‘By combining the reliability and lifespan of mechanical shoe seals with the superior emission control performance of liquid mounted seals, Mesa ETP FlexCore liquid mounted seal sets a new industry standard. By providing a reliable and long-lasting liquid mounted seal product, we aim to empower the industry to meet its emission reduction goals while ensuring enhanced fire safety and ease of installation,’ adds Adam Vance, Mesa ETP, business innovation manager.

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