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MFE Rentals offers Boston Dynamics Spot robot

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Inspection solutions provider MFE Rentals has partnered with global robotics leader Boston Dynamics to offer its customers access to the Spot robot.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is designed for remote and hazardous environments and can be used for a number of applications, such as automating documentation of construction progress, and providing situational awareness in remote settings. It can also carry a Spot Cam to capture images, the Spot ARM, which allows it to open doors and grasp objects, and Spot CORE, an onboard computational processor. It also has Autowalk, a tablet feature allowing users to record and replay autonomous missions. The robot uses real-time mapping conducted by its perception system to navigate over and around obstacles

‘With Spot, we are getting a piece of the future right now. It opens up many capabilities for asset managers to remotely monitor facilities, inspect progress, remotely perform inspections, and so much more. Spot is remarkably intuitive and can be adapted to many use cases. We’re proud to include it in our toolkit for our customers,’ says Jason Acerbi, MFE Rentals Eastern US general manager.

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