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New mobile platform utilises IoT technologies

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Emerson has launched the DeltaV Mobile, a new platform that provides access to real-time data, trends and insights to facilitate better-informed, critical operations decisions.
The mobile platform leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and is part of the company’s Plantweb digital ecosystem. It fuses smartphone technology with process control data to make operational intelligence available 24/7 for industries including oil and gas operations, refineries, chemical plants, and life sciences facilities.
DeltaV Mobile removes the confines of the control room and enables the digital worker to monitor operations and see critical operational data when, how and where they want, without waiting for regular business hours, manual reports, or being tied to a computer.
By integrating seamlessly and securely with the DeltaV distributed control system, DeltaV Mobile delivers critical contextual data. With added context, DeltaV Mobile users can make better decisions around operational events that could affect bottom-line business results. Incorporating Emerson’s Plantweb Secure First Mile technology, DeltaV Mobile provides safe, remote access to important plant data without impacting critical production systems.
‘DeltaV Mobile is an important Industrial IoT tool to help companies make decisions faster and smarter,’ says Jamie Froedge, president, process systems and solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. ‘Mobile intelligence will transform operational workflows and practices and drive collaboration across the enterprise, which helps customers reach top quartile performance.’

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