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JA Envirotanks secures innovative storage contract

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JA Envirotanks secured a £250,000 deal with IMAL to design and supply six vertical, cylindrical tanks.
The tanks will be used to store isocyanates as part of an MDF manufacturing facility being built in Scotland.
JA Envirotanks used advanced 3D simulation and design analysis to assess the mechanical stresses on the tanks.
These tests reveals the need to deploy higher grades of steel in the construction of the tanks than initially specified. The company was able to incorporate these design changes with minimal impact on the production timeframe and the tanks were delivered throughout June.
Neil Ferguson, director, JA Envirotanks, says: ‘By combining new tools such as simulation with a history of craftsmanship and expertise, these projects are turned around quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring this part of the supply chain functions exactly as it should.’

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