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Revised range of Celeros FT reciprocating pumps

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Equipment manufacturer Celeros Flow Technology has launched a new, standardised range of reciprocating pumps with an emphasis on speed and simplicity.

Celeros FT has revised its portfolio of reciprocating pumps to better reflect current market conditions, with reduced design complexity and a new online configurator to match the pump to the application. Customers can view preconfigured drawings to allow them to rapidly select from the pump options. The company says that for bareshaft units, the materials are released from engineering within 15 minutes of an order, and sent for testing on the shop floor within 24 hours.

Bryan Voytilla, global product manager for pumps at Celeros FT says that the company can achieve turnaround times of 6-8 weeks for water and downstream oil and gas customers, and a little longer for nuclear applications due to complying with the necessary accreditations.

‘We have a fantastic heritage and considerable expertise in reciprocating pumps technology through our ClydeUnion Pumps brand. When correctly applied and maintained, our pumps can perform with zero emissions, enabling customers to uphold the highest environmental standards. We have therefore updated and streamlined our product portfolio to reduce complexity and improve parts interchangeability, as well as improving the customer experience around product selection and delivery,’ says Voytilla.

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