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Spectrex SharpEye detects fire from 90 m away

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Flame and gas detection company Spectrex has launched its next-generation SharpEye 40/40D and C series flame detectors for hydrocarbon fuel and gas, hydroxyl and hydrogen, and metal and inorganic fires.

The detectors have high immunity to false alarms. SharpEye 40/40D can detect hydrocarbon fires up to 90 m away in less than 50 ms, with new QuadSense technology. SharpEye 40/40D and C are designed to be easy to install and maintain, and have universal wiring and multiple output options to ensure maximum flexibility and compatibility.

The detectors are suitable for industries and applications including oil and gas installations and pipelines, petrochemical and chemical plants, storage tank farms, power generation facilities, fuel and gas processing and storage facilities, refinery hydrogenation, fertiliser plants, transportation, waste management facilities, pharmaceutical industry, hazardous materials storage areas, food processing, vehicle battery charging stations, hydroxyl production and storage, aerospace industry, explosives and munitions.

‘The first step to battling a blaze is to quickly recognise it is happening while avoiding false alarms. The enhanced SharpEye fire detectors minimise immediate fire consequences by decreasing fire size as well as the risk to personnel, the environment, and facilities,’ says Emil Cohen, Spectrex senior product & customer support manager. ‘As the industry leaders, we are very proud that the 40/40D and C series continue Spectrex’s tradition of providing innovative, field-proven products that are used throughout the world.’

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