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ROSEN Group developing hydrogen pipeline strategy

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Swiss inspection specialist firm ROSEN Group is developing a new approach to managing the integrity of hydrogen pipelines, applicable to the conversion of existing gas pipelines or for the development of new hydrogen networks.

The group says that it is applying its 30 years of pipeline experience to this new area. Interest in hydrogen as a more environmentally friendly fuel is growing, and in the US alone, there are already more than 2,500 km of hydrogen pipelines. ROSEN Group says that there are two specific challenges in transport hydrogen, firstly in converting existing natural gas infrastructure, and secondly integrity management of the pipelines, as hydrogen has different effects to natural gas in the long-term.

ROSEN has joined the HYREADY industry partnership, which involves pipeline operators and other industry stakeholders. The partnership is investigating the consequences of hydrogen on existing gas infrastructure and mitigating measures. ROSEN already performs inline inspections in hydrogen pipelines during operation, and says that it can ‘offer valuable practice-based insight and world leading expertise’ to the project.

‘ROSEN’s aims are to encourage the pipeline industry to be ready for hydrogen by proposing practicable processes and approaches for the introduction of this energy source into the existing grid and continue to provide operators innovative solutions for a safe, sustainable future,’ says the company.

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