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Sherwin-Williams introduces new fire protection coating

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US company Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine has launched a new intumescent coating for onshore passive fire protection.

FIRETEX M90/03 meets UL 1709 testing requirements for fire safety. Sherwin-Williams says that while other intumescent coatings on the market on meeting UL 1709 requirements when the same thickness of coat is applied everywhere, FIRETEX M90/03 has been approved for application at variable dry film thicknesses (DFTs). Using a single thickness coating can provide inadequate protection or create waste. FIRETX M90/03 enables precise coating thickness specifications for different-sized steel sections, optimising efficacy and reducing costs.

The new coating can protect against the intense heat of hydrocarbon pool fires for up to four hours, protecting the structural integrity of steel assets in onshore oil and gas refining and chemical processing environments, such as spheres, vessels, skirts, beams and columns. It also offers improved dry heat resistance compared to previous M90 series offerings.

FIRETEX M90/03, used without a topcoat, also meets all UL 2431 durability testing requirements for combination wet/freeze/dry cycling, salt spray resistance, acid spray, and other key environmental factors.

‘With FIRETEX M90/03 epoxy intumescent coating being the first product to optimize the UL 1709 Revision 5 specification and the application characteristics of intumescent coatings for hydrocarbon fire protection, we are further helping stakeholders to contain material and labor costs while achieving their desired fire protection rating,’ says Carl Burrell, Global Product Manager – Fire, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine.

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