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Siemens establishes Global Center of Competence for tank terminals

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In order to assist terminal operators in successfully managing the energy transition, Siemens has established a Global Center of Competence (GCoC) for tank terminals in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The GCoC will offer solutions in several different technological fields, ranging from supply chain transparency enablers, connected and highly autonomously functioning terminals to simulation tools for infrastructure and operational design, such as the construction of storage terminals and simulation of logistics handling.

Bert van Dam, business development manager and head of the global center at Siemens Digital Industries says: ‘We believe in a sustainable society and in connection to that, the tank terminal industry fulfills a crucial role. As a result of the energy transition, tank terminals are facing uncertain times. By standardising, automating and digitalising, they will be enabled to respond faster to the changing market. Oil assets are being divested or upgraded and new, future-orientated assets are being added. When adapting or developing tank storage infrastructure, we can definitely be of service with our portfolio. For example, we are involved in the construction of a greenfield in the Port of Rotterdam and several expansions in the ARA region. We are happy to engage with terminal operators, for they are the real knowledge carriers. Together we focus on solutions that bring value.’

Due to its central location in the ARA area (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), the Netherlands is a strategic hub for tank storage. Most of the leading tank terminal operators are headquartered in the Rotterdam region. The energy transition poses major challenges for this sector. One of the upcoming challenges concerns the fact that as more and different products are to be stored the risk of product contamination will increase.

Bert van Dam adds: “With our industry knowledge and global presence we are an ideal partner for supporting international players in the tank storage industry. Our vision for the industrial sector – standardisation, automation and digitalisation – has previously resulted in leading innovations and will lead in the tank terminal sector to what we would like to call: the tank terminal of the future.’

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